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Relatori 2022

Barbara Lison

Presidente IFLA-International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

IFLA supporta il settore della Global Library per costruire un futuro sostenibile

IFLA is an independent, international, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation. Acting as the “Global Voice of Libraries” IFLA puts libraries on the global stage and supports their work by promoting high standards of provision and delivery of library and information services and by representing the interests of IFLA’s members throughout the world. Therefore, IFLA is a reference point across libraries’ activities, providing a forum for discussion and learning as well as direction and inspiration for all librarians.
With its members and active network of around 1,200 volunteers, working in its Professional Units IFLA represents the brightest minds of the library and information profession. Together with all active colleagues, IFLA works to set the professional agenda and develop standards for library services, to improve access to information and cultural heritage resources, and to advocate for the place of libraries at the heart of local and global policies. Based on well-established relations with the United Nations and other international organisations and bodies, IFLA also works as the central interface and between the global library field and supranational leaders and decision makers. By advocating for libraries, IFLA encourages widespread understanding of the value of good library and information services.

In her talk, Barbara Lison will talk about IFLA’s activities to support the global library field. She will especially focus on the IFLA Strategy, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the IFLA Governance Reform.
Showing libraries’ contribution to development
IFLA produces a variety of materials and tools to help libraries win and maintain support for their work, helping them to show concretely the difference they can make in the lives of individuals and communities.
Much of this work is structured around the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provides a comprehensive and shared roadmap not only for governments, but for all stakeholders, everywhere.
Through their global application, the emphasis they give to the importance of access to information, and the opportunities for engagement, the SDGs provide a powerful structure for talking about the difference libraries can make.
IFLA’s Library Map of the World is at the heart of this effort, providing data and demonstrating impact through SDG Stories and country profiles. Building on these, IFLA develops analyses and other tools which can support advocacy.
Our Development and Access to Information (DA2I) report tracks progress towards SDG commitments and provides expert insights on how information and libraries make a difference in delivering on the Goals.
You find further resources explaining the contribution of libraries to development on the supporting national and regional advocacy page, including our booklet on Access and Opportunity for All, as well as the 2014 Lyon Declaration signed by over 600 organisations.
In addition to these flagship initiatives, IFLA produces a wide variety of articles and papers from across library sectors, designed to show contributions across the different dimensions of sustainable development.
We also strongly encourage you to use the materials prepared and shared by our Members to support your own work.

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