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Raphaëlle Bats

Co-head Urfist of Bordeaux, University of Bordeaux

La partecipazione alle biblioteche, una questione sociale, istituzionale e politica.

For several years, libraries have been experimenting with participatory practices with their public: collaborative acquisitions, crowdsourcing of heritage collections, co-creation of spaces, etc. While these practices are developing, they nevertheless raise a central question: do they enable libraries to accomplish their mission or do they detract from it? We have observed several libraries that are active in the field of participation to understand what is at stake in the implementation of these practices. We were able to identify four situations in which librarians find ways to achieve their mission through participation. In this way, the library succeeds in fulfilling its role and in turn participates in the realization of a more inclusive, more caring, more democratic and finally sustainable society.

Raphaëlle Bats is the co-head of the URFIST Bordeaux (Unité Régionale de Formation à l’Information Scientifique et Technique), University of Bordeaux, France. There, she is organizing training sessions and conferences about scholarly communication, data, open sciences, academic writing, open science, citizen science, etc. for PhD students, researchers and librarians.
She defended her PhD Thesis in October 2019: “From Participation to Collective Mobilization: public libraries looking for their democratic vocation” (dir. Denis Merklen and Etienne Tassin). She still running different research projects about participation, information and climate change. She joined the Citizen Science working of Liber in June 2021.
Raphaëlle Bats animated the French webinar #BiblioCovid19 « Libraries in time of crisis : the case of covid 19 » from March to December 2020. For this, she received the « Livre Hebdo's Library of The Year 2020 Award ».

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