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Relatori Milano 2021

Vladana Pillerová

National Library Czech Republic

Implementing the new Library Development Strategy in post-pandemic period

Vladana Pillerová currently works in the National Library of the Czech Republic as the head of the Study and Information Department within the Librarianship Institute. She participates in the processing and evaluation of national surveys focused primarily on the issue of public libraries in the Czech Republic and promotes CoderDojo program in Czech libraries. She is an active member of the Czech library association SKIP and acts as a member of the Committee for foreign relations and member of the Regional Prague board.

The period before the pandemic can be considered as a period of stability of Czech public libraries. Library budgets were stable, services improved, digitization progressed and the public and media began to pay more attention to libraries. Even during the pandemic and closed services, libraries still had a lot to offer. Libraries have successfully operated in virtual space. Reinforced by this experience, they enter the post-pandemic period. The current Strategy describes libraries as educational and supportive institutions indispensable for lifelong learning connecting various actors in the field of education. A number of successful projects in libraries suggests that this statement might be correct.

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