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Relatori Milano 2021

Hannelore Vogt

Cologne City Library

Tinker and Try - What does the Cologne Public Library have to do with making knowledge cool?

Dr. Hannelore Vogt is the director of the Cologne Public Library (CPL). Dr. Vogt has a degree in Library Science, a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management and Doctorate in Marketing. Under her leadership, the CPL was named the national „Library of the Year“, as was the Würzburg City Library, where she worked before. She was honored by the Cologne Cultural Department as “Cultural Manager of the Year” and by the Federal Union of German Library Associations with the most prestigious German library award for her “innovative thinking and action”.

What is a library’s core strength? Only providing information? In the context of digitization, the challenge for libraries lies elsewhere — in making knowledge available! The dissemination of this rapidly growing resource is our way of safeguarding the future. In the face of technological and social upheaval, libraries are places of reorientation and relaxation – so called “Third Places”. The essence is future-oriented service offerings that primarily encourage doing and rely on the active participation of citizens. The facilitator will talk about the innovative experiences in Cologne.

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