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Relatori Milano 2021

Erik Boekesteijn

Royal Library the Netherland Cubiss

Libraries as a choreography of solutions

Erik Boekesteijn is Senior Advisor at the National Library at the Netherlands (KB). Board member StoryHouse, Chester,UK. SLIS Fellow, USA. Consultant Public Libraries 2020, and founding father of Public Libraries 2030. Facilitator and consultant for IFLA. Owner of Shanachie Media and producer of This Week in Libraries and ShanachieTours, Global Library Motivator. Musician and Author. LJ’s Mover and Shaker of the Library world 2009. Best Librarian in the Netherlands 2015.

The role of the library in the accelerated digital transformation due to the pandemic and big issues such as democratic processes fake news, climate change etc has put an extra pressure on our work. A more ofbyforall approach and community centered librarianship are key to meet present and future demands. Examples and best practice from the Netherlands and international library field.

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