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Giampiero Gramaglia

NewsGuard Senior Advisor

From text to context: NewsGuard and the evaluation of information sources -

Dal testo al contesto: NewsGuard e la valutazione delle fonti d’informazione


Giampiero Gramaglia is a Senior Advisor and a member of NewsGuard’s Advisory Board for websites covering news in Italy. Gramaglia is Director of the School of Journalism in Urbino and Professor of Journalism at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is editor-in-chief of AffarInternazionali.it and he regularly contributes to Il Fatto Quotidiano and other Italian traditional and new media. He has been a journalist since 1972. He worked for 30 years at ANSA as a foreign correspondent from Brussels, Paris and Washington DC and as editor-in-chief (2006 – 2009). Afterwards, he has been editor-in-chief of AgencEurope in Brussels and Euractiv.it in Rome. 


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